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Marwan Medhat

Certified Life Coach and Professional Speaker

Marwan Medhat is a certified life coach and neuro-linguistic programmer from RSCI (Robert Simic Coaching Institute).

When human beings live the life of mediocrity and “feeling stuck”, it’s not uncommon for their lives to lack a great deal of happiness. Marwan’s great passion is to help people step up in their lives and businesses from where they are to where they can be.

RSCI holds accreditation from ICF (International Coach Federation), NLPC (Neuro-linguistic programming Coaching Professionals), and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). Marwan also holds a bachelor degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University.

After 15 years of helping some of the top multinational pharmaceutical companies to make millions of dollars through sales, he realized that isn’t his life purpose. So he started using the very same skills that made him one of the firm’s best salesmen to help other people perform better at their job.

He believes that everybody has superpowers – and his is connecting with people to help them find theirs.

As a way of ensuring that he will be able to help every single individual he meets, he decided not to focus on a single technique but to master variety different modalities – including Co-Active coaching, NLP, time paradigm and hypnosis. It paid off big, because it’s this combination of different techniques that enables him to help people with seemingly unsolvable problems in just a few sessions.

Authenticity Coaching and Consultancy in Dubai offers him a platform and array of resources such as experienced team members to partner with organizations in order to develop tailor-made programs that can only achieve the change or growth that they envision, in a sustainable way.

Marwan is also a life skills trainer, who motivates people through different workshops and seminars to make life-altering and positive changes in behavioral patterns.

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