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Catherine Brown

Marwan helped me to find my true self, through deep seeking inside. His coaching process helped me to recognise my driving values and life goals. He helped me to cultivate more awareness and draw a path towards a better life.

M. Zakaria, Marketing specialist, Saudi Arabia

I had a problem with managing my work-life which was extended to my personal life, I started taking lifecoaching sessions with coach Marwan to go over those obstacles. Marwan did a great job from understanding the problem, identifying personal designed solutions, and creative ways of implementation.

Perspective Uniqueness was the key element for coach Marwan to help me solving that problem

Omar Hilaly, Investment professional, Saudi Arabia

I am very happy at the end of this amazing day. I love everything you did. Thank you alot.


This is my missing aspect that I have personally been looking for, for the past 20 years. Thank you, Marwan for this amazing seminar today. You are great, I am great, we all are great.

Dana GH

Don’t waste your happiness, because someone else will catch it