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Align Your Career and Life path to What's important to You.

Connect with Who You Truly Are And Take Clear Decisions with Confidence and Clarity. 

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This 4 hour live online workshop is designed to help you clearly identify your top Personal Core Values and live life with authenticity, passion and total alignment. It is proven because this is the same very process used to drive big results with high-end One to One Coaching Clients. 

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After Living The Experience


Coach Marwan Medhat did a great workshop. I did the core values many times before as coach and as a client.

What's different about this workshop was the depth and authenticity of Coach Marwan. I highly recommend it

Abdallah Yakoub

Leadership & Peak Performance Coach | Corporate Trainer | Business Advisor


I considered attending the (The Lighthouse Workshop)  facilitated by Coach Marwan Medhat a remarkable experience and an eye- opener. Marwan smartly took us in a journey of self-exploration through applying the 7 step process of uncovering  personal core values. Eventually, you will find yourself more aware of your identity.

Samar Fathi 

Journalist And Trainer 

Deep & Simple

كشخص بيحب يشتغل على نفسه و إمكانياته بشكل مستمر تجربتى مع 

The light House workshop by coach Marwan Medhat

 نقلتنى لعمق اكبر بداخلى و خلتنى اشوف اختياراتى و أولوياتى فى الحياة بشكل أعمق و اوضح....و اللي ساعدنى فى دة  مش بس السبع خطوات اللي عرفت بيهم قيمي الاساسيه لكن كمان مهارات د.مروان ككوتش واستخدامه لمهارات الأسئله بشكل احترافي ساعدنى فى اكتشافها بشكل سلس و بسيط

Nagwa Ibrahim

Soft Skills Trainer

3 Amazing Stages and 7 Simple Steps Covering Everything You Need to Know to Identify Your True Self.

Stage 1

Step 1

Identifying Your Core Values

There are many ways to identify your core values but unlike the process of choosing from a list of words, here you’ll go through a process where you will absolutely guarantee that what you will uncover is your TRUE core value. 

Stage 2

Step 1

Prioritizing Your Values

Identifying what matters most to you is crucial because it determines where you invest your daily focus and energy. Here, you’ll not only identify your core values, you’ll also identify which comes at the top and which can be second or third. You’ll have a clear understanding about different choices you made in life and better awareness about choices you will make in the future. 

Stage 3

Step 1

Give richer context and
 apply into Your day to day life. 

What’s more fulfilling in life than living a value-driven life. Where you feel aligned with who you truly are, being AND doing. 

Imagine how much confident you will be, and the results you can achieve with such confidence having so much clarity about what do you really stand for!

Some More Thoughts 


     It was a very fruitful session. I discovered the main values I believe in. I learned that suffering form negative feeling is normal for all people , just take your breath & move on .

     Sara Yousry Elhabashy 

        Corporate trainer & Business Skills Coach


كتيركنت بمر بمواقف ابقى متعصبه او مخنوقه ومش فاهمه ليه

 لكن لما عرفت مع كوتش مروان قيمي الأساسية وترتيبها بالنسبالى فىالاهميه فهمت ايه هوه المحرك

 الاساسى ليا في حياتي واساس قراراتى واختياراتى

عرفت ليه اوقات بتضايق من موقف معين وازاي اصحح ده

فهمت نفسى وايه الحافز بتاعى الى بدور على اشباعه فى رحله حياتي

Mona Zaytoun

Product Specialist at Pharco Pharmaceuticals

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Your Questions Answered

What Will I learn in this Workshop?

- You'll learn a proven process where you will step by step uncover your personal Core Values and prioritize them based on how important each one is to you. 

- You'll understand why you feel certain feelings in specific situations and why you behave the way you behave. 

- You'll Identify what's matters to you and where your focus is. 

How will this impact my Productivity and Results? 

 Our behaviours are deeply rooted in values providing us with a personal code of conduct. So, only by knowing our core values can we begin to change behaviours. Our values also determine our decisions and what we stand for. So imagine now, you're fully aware and crystal clear of your top five core values and living your life by them, how would be the quality of your decision making when it comes to focusing on activities that matter and the quality of the results that gets out from that? 

Will it be Useful If I already know my Core Values?

Knowing your core values shows you're living with awareness and direction. Kudus to you! The seven step process you'll go through in the workshop will help you articulate, know and accept what's really important to you. You'll identify if what you value is your core value or was it adopted at an earlier stage in life from the parents and the society. 

How Is the Workshop Delivered?

The workshop will be delivered online through Zoom app in a group coaching setting, facilitated by Coach Marwan. 

Do I have to be Tech Savvy to Attend?

Not at all. All what you need is a laptop that has a video cam, speakers and mic. You can also Join from the tablet or phone, but we recommend a laptop to have the full experience engaging with other participants.

What happens After I Sign up?

You'll immediately receive an email from us welcoming you to the tribe of 'The LightHouse" that will include the date and time of the workshop. The bonuses will also be included in the first email. 

Before the workshop by two days you'll receive another email including the Zoom link and the Play-sheet that you'll need during the workshop (Preferably to print it out). 

When is the workshop going to be held? 

Generally it's going to be on a specific Saturday starting 6:00 PM Dubai time. 

What if I couldn't attend on the day of the Workshop?

Once you sign up, your seat is reserved. We understand that things happen. So if you were not able to attend on the given date and time, just simply drop us an email before the workshop starts and we will book you for the next one. 

About Your Facilitator

Marwan Medhat

As an expert in life skills and a trainer that helps people attain the right skills for the growth in their business and lives, I support highly driven business professionals by expanding their career successes into more areas of their lives. I rely heavily on my ability to connect with people as well as my life experience to help them pin point their life passions and set the vision for themselves in all areas as they desire.

As an enthusiastic learner, I have mastered different life-coaching modalities to ensure that I can help willing and committed people out of limitation into a life of meaning and fulfillment.

My true life passion which is coaching was uncovered when I was 35 years old. That was exactly when I let go of my ego and raised a hand to my first mentor, who told me “If you’re designing a life that you want, do what you love.” It was also unwrapped when I met my first life coach, who helped me draw a specific plan to become who I choose to be. To put it simply, she helped me transition from being successful in the career of pharmaceutical sales but miserable in life, into living life with absolute passion and authenticity.

I’ve been laid off early in my career. Deciding to snooze the inner voice that said ‘Maybe that’s not what you’re destined to be or do’ and because of the fear of not knowing any other alternative and the ignorance of knowing how meaningful life could be, I took an unconscious decision to still hang in there, for 15 more years. I’m blessed to have lived such an interesting journey within various multinational corporations like Novartis, Sanofi & Merck because without it, I wouldn’t now have reached the point where I know exactly who I am and what do I want from life.

My hunger for personal growth grew as I dived into various types of training, workshops and seminars. Eventually, and because we always need to build the path to success before walking it, I became a certified life coach, NLP & timeline practitioner and hypnotist from the renowned Robert Simic Coaching Institute (RSCI). My cup of tea is to blend in different coaching techniques, for example, co-active coaching, where I’m also certified from the Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in Dubai.

With an award from Toastmasters International and through partnering with many training and coaching institutes throughout Riyadh, Dubai and Egypt, I can easily say that through public speaking I’m able to inspire and uplift the masses to connect with the truth within themselves that allows them to plot their own path to success and fulfillment. 

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