How often do you feel stress or anxiety?

For how long have you always wanted to be happy? You might have been, sometimes, but to discover later on that it’s only temporary!

How are you satisfied with your physical status?

All those areas could be impacted by many, many factors in our lives. What would you say if I tell you that all these factors eventually get boiled down to just one main factor. What would you think if I told you that it’s just ONE aspect that could greatly impact how you feel (and operate) most of your time. One aspect that could bring great deal of happiness in your life. Nothing to say more than if you want to have this life longing inner peace, it’s this..

Emotional Charges.

We often live our lives carrying a rock heavy baggage filled with negative emotional charges. Could be towards people who have treated us wrongly or towards acts that we felt we shouldn’t have experienced. Either it’s a dear friend who acted an act of betrayal or a waiter who didn’t treat you nicely. Those emotional charges, through years can cause serious damage to our minds and bodies. They cause us to suffer from psychological and physiological pains. Mental disorders like anxiety or stress, low levels of happiness and satisfaction, muscle and joint pains, general fatigue are some of the negative down turns of carrying such emotional baggage.

Greater happiness and inner peace. It has been scientifically proved that getting rid of this baggage greatly influence not only your level of mental health, but also your physical and emotional health. And that happens only when you learn how to do one action, forgive.

We have been told that forgiveness is key for our progress, and that happiness has to be in our own hands, but rarely has anyone explained exactly how to specifically do that. I have been blessed with the exposure to various sources of knowledge in this field that have made me capable not only to forgive people around (including myself), but also to help others live comfortably with themselves and reach this state of peace from within.

For more than ten years I’ve held so heavy anger towards one of my previous managers who I used to work with. I do believe that he had a big part in causing an opportunity to be promoted slip away from my career. Every time there’s a memory that had anything to do with him I felt this anger and grit in my body as I had these thoughts of paying him back. I didn’t realize how much liberating it is, until I learned how to forgive this person and actually forgave him. As I’m writing these words, right now, I remember the hurt he did and the injustice he caused, but I do feel peace within myself as with him. I might even hug him if I see him, for knowing that he was a human being who did his best what he knew at that moment of time. He was no more than a human being who was misguided through the way. I might even thank him for the fact that this promotion might not have brought me to where I am today!

As part of my growth, and during a recent course I was attending, the instructor (Vishen Lakiani, founder of Mindvalley University) mentioned that there are rules for forgiveness we all need to remember;

1- You can forgive anything.

No matter how horrible this act is, remember that you can still forgive the person, the act, or even yourself. Nelson Mandela as you might recall, forgave his jailers for imprisoning him for over 20 years.

2- Forgiveness is not pardoning.

Someone might have done something illegal to you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to layoff reporting him to the authorities. You still got to do what you got to do. But you know that by forgiving this person, you’re healing yourself from those harmful emotional charges. It has nothing to do with him, it’s you removing this anger or grid that you feel when you see him.

3- Forgiveness frees you.

You see forgiveness is all about you releasing any negative charges and has nothing to do with the other person, as they might not even know of these charges. Like, imagine a man cutting you off the road. Holding any emotional charges towards this man might actually ruin your whole day, while he’s not really aware of you even being into existence! So letting go of these charges is all about you freeing you to live your rest of the day as you want, not based on anyone else’s say.

I understand that it’s not always easy to forgive, but I do firmly believe that it’s possible. We don’t often forgive because of many reasons, one of them might be that, it’s all what we know, not to forgive. Now that you know how important it is, I think it’s pretty wise to ask yourself this question;

Who or What do I need to forgive in order for me to start living freely with great sense of inner peace?

If this sounds like it’s time for you, you can raise a hand so I can give you the exact steps on how specifically you can do that. You can always reach me at

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